A Fall Prayer of Petition and Blessing adapted from Psalm 27 and 86



Hear, O Lord, and answer me. I am hurting.

Once again, this storm is raging against me. I need Your gentle touch. You are my God. My faith and hope is in You. O Lord, please embrace me with Your extravagant unending love as I cry out for You. Bring calm to my chaos and return my joy. Strengthen my heart and show me Your favor. Hear my prayer, O Lord, and listen to my cry.

There is One thing I desire; let me dwell in Your house, O Lord, and may I see Your beauty. Teach me Your ways so I will be faithful to walk in Your truth. Let my life bring honor to Your name.

In my time of trouble, take me to the secret place and hide me. Show Your mercy to me and answer me. It is Your face I seek. I will wait on You and in the waiting I will lift up my soul and worship You. O Lord my God, there is no one like You.

Happiness and blessing comes to one who gives up sin. The woman who embraces the instruction of Your Word experiences the provision of a circle of quiet within the clamor of evil.

You give me rest from days of trouble. Your loving kindness holds me up, O Lord. When my worry is great within me, Your comfort brings joy to my soul.

You will never walk away from Your people. Rest assured that justice is on its way. Yes, O Lord, You are our strong place and the rock where we are safe. O Lord our God, there is no one like You.

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