164062_1558506242288_1224215041_31384034_3820049_nBonnie Liabenow,  

Bonnie is a lover of Jesus, wife to Paul, mother of three incredible sons, two lovely daughters-in-law and is called ‘nana ‘ by three grandbabies.

She travels extensively speaking, teaching, and advocating for women.  She has counseled women across the country in personal goal setting, goal acquisition and time management. Powered by hot, extra-dry, skinny cappuccinos; she is an author.  Her recent book, Excellence with Simple Elegance, speaks to excellence as an active commitment to excelling in all aspects of life, having standards that are above average, and understanding that excellence is not only the state of excelling but a catalyst for manifesting the God given qualities that produce happiness and fulfillment.

She and her husband Paul founded Core Communications International in 2008, a leadership development firm that specializes in equipping leadership within the nonprofit and faith-based communities. Bonnie has also demonstrated a commitment to service, hard work and excellence through her professional career. In addition to serving her community as an author and teacher, she has been recognized as a successful “Lady Farmer” by the Detroit Free Press, Progressive Farmer Magazine, and the nationally syndicated Weather Channel for her strides and best practices in the Christmas Tree farming industry. Prior to launching her professional career, she finished two years of biblical studies at Bethel College and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in recreational therapy at Michigan State University. Presently she is working toward her certification in Christian Counseling.

Bonnie has a heart to see freedom and happiness reign in the lives of women, both physically and spiritually, but ultimately it comes back to her primary focus: building into female leadership within the local Church.


Lori Joy

Excellence. This is a concept easily paid lip service to, but seldom lived out. Bonnie is an exception. A down-to-earth, warm woman, Bonnie’s hallmark traits could easily be described as excellence and ‘simple’ elegance. I appreciate her willingness to share wisdom — especially with ‘younger’ mothers like myself. God designed life this way. The older women are to support and encourage the younger women to a life fully devoted to Jesus Christ. And, I’ve been so blessed through Bonnie’s faithfulness, obedience and willingness to share.

Bonnie has used a “bite-sized” approach that will satisfy you little by little or all at once, depending on how you prefer to read Excellence with Simple Elegance. This is a book that satisfies read cover-to-cover or digested in smaller “as needed” portions. I’ve enjoyed it both ways.
The message I ‘hear’ through this book is: “Through faith in Christ, we are able to exceedingly and abundantly live each day on purpose immersed in thankfulness and praise while serving others with excellence.” I look forward to leading a future study, using the companion to this book, so that other women in my community can be encouraged as I have.
Thank you, Bonnie!
Debbi Mattson
Certified Naturopath Health Specialist
Bonnie challenges you to change your life.  When she speaks she represents Jesus.  When you see and hear her you will want to be anchored in His perfect love:)  You will feel the stresses of life melt away in Bonnie’s graceful, charming presence.  Bonnie’s influences through her book, speaking and knowing her:  1) Helps me find the strengths God has given me.  2)  Continues to remind me of my capability and worthiness to serve God.  
Marcia L. McEvoy, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist
McEvoy Consulting, LLC
Bonnie’s message of grounding oneself in faith, family, and community resonated deeply with me.  Her concepts of emotional and mental excellence helped me strive toward becoming the best psychologist, wife, and mother I can be. Her book is a blessing to women.
RENEWED Magazine
PO BOX 266
Hampton, GA 30228 omen.
I believe it is a personal challenge to every Christian woman to exhibit the spirit of excellence in all that she does. This is entirely true to me as a part of who I am and in all that God has assigned to me. This book, Excellence with Simple Elegance, helps demonstrate this knowledge in a real and practical way so that every llesson can be carefully and easily applied in the life of the Believer. 




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