A Winter Song of Worship and Praise adapted from Psalm 138, 144, 145 & 146

Jehovah-Sel’i – Lord my Rock

Praise and thanks be to You, O Lord. You are my rock, my wall of strength and my strong place.  You are the One who sets me free and provides a safe covering. You are the One I trust completely. I will sing a new song and give you all of my praise.

Thank you for my life. Even if I walk into trouble, You keep me safe. You put out Your hand against the anger of those who hate me and Your right hand saves me. You do not turn away from me even though my life is like a breath and my days are like a passing shadow. You have promised to finish the work You started in me. Knowing of this promise brings a smile to my face. Thank you!

Thank you for my children. May they mature to full growth in Your love and be like the corner pieces of a great house that cherishes the praise of Your Name.  May there be no cry of trouble in their streets. May they experience Your constant presence and peace.

 I will sing praises to my God as long as I live, for my family’s happiness is in You, and our hope lies in You, O Lord our God.

You made the heavens, the earth, the seas and all that is in them. You are faithful forever.  You help those who have a bad power over them. You give food to the hungry. You set free those who are in prison. You open the eyes of the blind. You raise up those who are brought down and love those who are right and good. You keep the strangers safe and take care of the children who have no father and the woman whose husband has died.

My God, you are so good! You will rule forever! I will sing praises to You as long as I live.  I will sing a new song for my hope lies in You, O Lord our God.

 You answered me on the day I called. You gave my soul strength. Daily I will bow down toward Your holy house, giving thanks to Your name for Your loving-kindness and Your truth. Thank you, Lord, for meeting all my needs and my desires. You held me when I fell, raised me up and called me to live at a higher level. You opened Your hand and filled my desire. You are right and good in Your ways. I will give You thanks with all my heart and give You all of my praise.

 You are truly near to all who call on You in truth. You fill the desire of those who fear You. You hear their cry and save them. You take care of all who love You. Thank you for Your goodness, Lord. You are too great for anyone to understand. I will think about Your power and Your great works for You are full of loving-favor and pity, slow to anger and great in loving-kindness. My mouth will give You all of my praise.


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