A Fall Song of Worship and Praise adapted from Psalm 89


The Lord my Savior 



Your love, God, is my song, and I will sing it!

 I will forever speak of Your faithfulness. I will forever tell the story of Your love.  I will rejoice all day long in Your wonderful reputation and in Your perfect righteousness. Your love will be built up in me forever and ever.

O God, let the heavens praise Your wonderful ways.

 Let the choir of angels sing anthems to Your faithfulness! You are honored in the heavens, Lord God of all, powerful Lord. The evidence of Your faithfulness is all around. You rule the rising sea; its waves rise and You quiet them. The heavens are Yours.  The earth is Yours. You made everything that I can see and more.  You have made it all from nothing. Your hand is powerful.

Your throne, O Lord, is founded on two strong pillars: justice and righteousness. These pillars are my strength.  Mercy and truth walk before You.  Your divine favor is my treasure. You are my Father, my God and the Rock that continues to save me.

Your love, God, is my song and I will never stop singing it from Your holy mountains.


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