A Summer Prayer of Petition and Blessing adapted from Psalm 84

 A Summer Prayer Expressing A Desire for God’s House

How beautiful are the places where You live, O Lord of all! Happy are those who live in Your house! Happy and thankful are those who find strength in You. You, Lord God, are my sun and my safe covering. You give favor and honor. You hold back nothing good from those who walk in the way that is right. O Lord of all, how happy are those who trust in You!

For surely a day in Your house is better than a thousand elsewhere.

Send Your fresh rain. Make it spring for me, O Lord of all, my King and my God.

My soul wants and even becomes weak wanting to be in Your house. My heart and my flesh sing for joy to You, the living God. O Lord God of all, hear my prayer and look upon the face of Your anointed one. I choose to be in Your presence above any worldly honor. God, protect me and show me Your favor for I desire to experience Your goodness today.

For a day in Your house is truly better than a thousand elsewhere.

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