Living with intentionality and purpose will put you on the path to excellence.The goalsetting worksheet is a tool which will be used to write spiritual directed goals that lead to spiritual growth and health.

 Scripture Memorization

 Habakkuk 2: 2

“Take the vision, write it down, make it plain  so that you can run with it.”

Read the book of Habakkak.  Habakkak desired change. He was overwhelmed by the circumstances around him.  Habakkuk lived during one of Judah’s most critical periods. His country had fallen from the heights of Josiah’s reforms to the depths of violent treatment of its people. Ungodly men were acting in ungodly ways. In the first chapter, Habakkuk asked God why?   “O LORD,  how long shall I cry” (1:2) His circumstances demanded that he ask God about the unrighteousness around him. Because he believed in God and believed that God had an answer to his problem. Habakkuk listened to God.  God granted him the gift of a truth that satisfied his longings as well as provided the solution to his present situation. “The just shall live by his faith” (2:4) By chapter 3, the prophet’s prayer, we read that Habakkuk  found his hope, strength and joy in God. “He will make me walk on my high hills” (3:19)

Dear friend, you also can find your hope, strength and joy in the God of Israel. As you approach lesson 9 with the desire for change, let your heavenly Father guide you. Like Habakkuk, we can desire change and find direction in seeking God’s plan for us.  1) Pray daily  2)Look with expectation for God to speak to you and read His Word daily 3) Listen for God to speak and receive it in your heart  4)Simply write the vision/dream down  5)Run with it knowing that God-given dreams are possible.

The Study

Lets review the terms GoalSetting/Assessment/Objectives

Goal setting involves establishing specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals. Work on the theory of goal-setting suggests that it’s an effective tool for making progress by ensuring that participants in a group with a common goal are clearly aware of what is expected from them. On a personal level, setting goals helps people work towards their own objectives—most commonly with financial or career-based goals. Goal setting features as a major component of personal development.

  • Goals provide a sense of direction and purpose
  • Goal setting capitalize on the human brain’s amazing powers of problem-solving and goal-achieving.

Goal commitment: People perform better when they are committed to achieve certain goals. Goal commitment is dependent on:

  1. The importance of the expected outcomes of goal attainment.
  2. Self-efficacy – one’s belief that he is able to achieve the goals.
  3. Commitment to others – promises or engagements to others can strongly improve commitment.

Goal-commitment: the most influential moderator, becomes especially important when dealing with difficult or complex goals. If people lack commitment to goals, they lack motivation to reach them. To commit to a goal, one must believe in its importance or significance.

Attainability: individuals must also believe that they can attain — or at least partially reach — a defined goal. If they think no chance exists of reaching a goal, they may not even try.

Self-efficacy: the higher someone’s self-efficacy regarding a certain task, the more likely they will set higher goals,  and the more persistence they will show in achieving them”

Assessment definition:

The purpose of a personal self-assessment is to get to know who you are better. Understanding where you are helps to give you a clearer picture of where you want to be.  Personal self-assessment assists in identifying your likes, dislikes, personal characteristics, values, wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses.  First knowing who you are is a significant step that must be taken before you can begin writing goals for yourself .

First of all, you have to be honest. You should set aside your fears and insecurities. This step will determine the success of the self-assessment process. It is important to be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Look in the mirror and face the person that you see in front of you. Take time to reflect on your imperfections and take note of your best features as well remembering that God made you exactly the way you are and that you have value and purpose. You need to look at who you are inside and out. Reflect on your good and your bad characteristics:  physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

As soon as you have reflected on your strengths and weaknesses, take note of your likes and dislikes. It will be better if you can also include the reasons why and what triggers you to like or dislike them

Next, take note of the things that make you happy and the things that make you sad. Ask yourself what makes you to get out of bed each day and what makes you feel frustrated. This will help you identify your joys and sorrows that will serve as your foundation for building on your happiness and learning from your sorrows.

Your personal self-assessment should also include a list of your interest. What are the things that you enjoy doing during your free time? Are you the type of person who spends time sitting and reading or do you prefer getting out and participating in a sport or any physical activity ? This will help you understand your interests and where you would excel in service to others.

Another factor to consider is your personality. Are you the type of person who likes to talk to other people a lot (extrovert) or are you the type of person who prefers to work on something alone(introvert). It is important to know your personality type to identify where you would be most effective in community service (work, career, volunteer, ministry)

Aside from understanding your personality, you should also take note of your skills and abilities. What are you good at?  Talents and natural abilities can help you identify what opportunities would enhance your potentials.

In conclusion, making a personal self-assessment will make you more aware of what you are really made of.  Personal assessment will assist in pinpointing areas of vision for your life regarding your faith, family and community..

Determine Objectives

List (in simple terms) what you will have to do to reach your goal. Create an exact detailed strategy! Be realistic whether the goal can be achieved short term (1-5yrs) or long term(5-10yrs).

Objective Definition according to www.businessdictionary.com: ” An end that can be reasonably achieved within an expected time frame and with  available resources.  In general, an  objective is broader in scope than a  goal, and may consist of several individual goals.  Objectives are a basic tools that  underlying all planning  and strategic activities.  They serve as the basis for policy and performance  appraisals.”


Step 1 decide what is your number one desire and overall goal; Label the desire your Outcome Goal

 Step 2 Dream big, deciding what you want to have, to be and to do as it relates to outcome goal. To achieve an outcome goal you must decide on a Behavior Goal. 


MAKE IT PLAIN: Who are You?

RUN WITH IT! Once you have determined that your vision is worth any sacrifice it may cost you to accomplish, and you have scripted a route to reach it; it’s time to execute. Do what is required to accomplish the goal. Get an accountability partner and cheerleader to assist in your success.

Complete page 48 in your workbook, Excellence with Simple Elegance: The Study. 

Excellence with Simple EleganceBoth books can be purchased easily by copying &  pasting this website to your browser. Purchase The Study (workbook) for $8.99 and Excellence with Simple Elegance will be Free. 


Tell everyone you know of your written goal.  Telling others makes it official and brings about accountability.  Know that I am cheering you on to excellence!!!


“God has given you everything you need for living a godly life.”


“May God  give you grace and peace.”

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