A Summer Song of Worship and Praise adapted from Psalm 100

 Jehovah – The Lord, God All-powerful – Exodus 6:2

Heavenly Father, You are my daily celebration. I will invite everyone to join me as I stand to my feet and shout with joy! Serving You, Lord, brings a smile to my face and the gift of laughter to my soul. And as I gladly serve You, I will sing songs of joy as I reflect upon the truth that You are God to all people. It is You, Lord, who made us, not us. We are Your people and the sheep of Your field.psalm 100

Each day, as I enter Your gates and come into Your holy place, I will praise You and give thanks. I will give honor to Your Holy name in everything I do.

God, You are so good to me. I am comforted in knowing that Your loving kindness lasts forever. You are faithful to me and to my family.

I give You all my praise because You are every joy, every triumph and every good thing in my life. You are Jehovah, the Lord, God all-powerful.




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