A Spring Prayer of Petition and Blessing adapted from Psalm 40, 41 & 43

 Heavenly Father, do not wait. You are my Help and the One Who sets me free. 

How happy is the one who has made the Lord their trust. 

Many are the great works You have done. No one can compare with You! If I were to speak of all You have done and tell of Your good deeds, there would be too many to number. I have shared the good news about what is right and good. I have never closed my lips, O Lord.  I have not hidden Your righteousness and goodness in my heart. I have spoken about how faithful You are and about Your saving power. I have not hidden Your loving kindness and Your truth. I am happy to do Your will. Your Word lives within my heart.

You are my Help and the One Who sets me free.

 I trust You and have come to You with my pain and fears. Have loving kindness for me. Raise me up and set me beside You forever. You do not answer quickly and I know that I am impatient, but I will not give up on waiting for You. O Lord, have loving kindness for me. Heal my soul for a friend of mine whom I trusted has turned against me. You, however, have turned to me and have heard my cry. Even though I have sinned and have not handled my trouble well, I know You will bring me up out of turmoil and despair. You have faithfully set me on a rock, making my feet sure. You put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise. I sing for You because all hope is in You. O Lord, Your compassion stays with me. Your loving kindness and Your truth always keep me satisfied. Be pleased to save me. Hurry and help me. Let all who look for You experience Your joy. May they also be glad in You. Because I am in need, think of me.

Please do not wait. You are my help and the One Who sets me free.

Stand by me, O God, and speak in my favor against a sinful nation. Save me from the lying and sinful man. For You are the God of my strength. Send out Your light and Your truth. Let them lead me. Let them bring me to Your holy hill and to the places where You live. Then I will kneel before Your altar, God of my joy, and I will praise You. Honor be to You, the God of Israel, forever and ever!

Let it be so for You are my hope and the One Who sets me free. I will praise You, my help and my God.

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