DECEMBER 2013: Christmas Special


This is a Great Opportunity to those in need of a Woman’s Small Group Study.
Purchase “Excellence with Simple Elegance” and receive the new release, The Study, free at

This wonderful 24 lesson workbook will school us in the principles of excellence teaching us how to live intentionally, simply and elegantly.

“This book was indeed important. It only took me a few pages before I realized it was going to change my perspective, my outlook, my plan and how I operate on a daily basis. This book would help me put my family first, prioritize and organize, pray, love, live patiently, cook, clean, and curl my hair. And I’d do it all on my journey toward excellence.”  Meghan Dryzga

Excellence Lived Out Loud, November 14, 2013

Excellence with Simple Elegance

Excellence. This is a concept easily paid lip service to, but seldom lived out. Bonnie is an exception.
A down-to-earth, warm woman, Bonnie’s hallmark traits could easily be described as excellence and ‘simple’ elegance. I appreciate her willingness to share wisdom — especially with ‘younger’ mothers like myself. God designed life this way. The older women are to support and encourage the younger women to a life fully devoted to Jesus Christ. And, I’ve been so blessed through Bonnie’s faithfulness, obedience and willingness to share.
Bonnie has used a “bite-sized” approach that will satisfy you little by little or all at once, depending on how you prefer to read Excellence with Simple Elegance. This is a book that satisfies read cover-to-cover or digested in smaller “as needed” portions. I’ve enjoyed it both ways.
The message I ‘hear’ through this book is: “Through faith in Christ, we are able to exceedingly and abundantly live each day on purpose immersed in thankfulness and praise while serving others with excellence.” I look forward to leading a future study, using the companion to this book, so that other women in my community can be encouraged as I have.
Thank you, Bonnie!

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